Tuesday, July 15, 2014


How many of you think I am just some lone psycho who happens to know how to draw extremely well in this cartoony style,
and how many of you think that I was actually John's student, involved, and there is more to this story than he is letting on?

I'm just curious.


JTW said...

i think it's a bit of pushing and shoving from both sides.And, both parties haven't been particularly honest about the whole situation to begin with.

basket.bread said...

I am completely outside the situation, but I believe there is probably more to the story.

The way things have played out online gives it a salacious quality that is unfortunate, because regardless of what the truth is I believe that there is an imbalance of power and responsibility in the situation. He's clearly in the position of authority, you obviously had a deep admiration for him, and you appear to have studied under Jim Smith and worked for Ralph Bakshi for some time before it was determined that you were "a loon". Vince Waller's tweets were interesting in that he claimed to know all the parties except for your mother and also said something to the effect of (paraphrasing) "Even if there was a relationship then one person declaring it to be over should be the end of it." You are both adults, yes, but in that situation you would assume K. to have a greater maturity, recognizing his influence over young people and not taking advantage of it.

It's not like anyone should have to endure harassment (you or him), but the onus falls more heavily on him to maintain boundaries. if we are to accept his position that you are a stalker it would come across better to show some empathy. If you were indeed suffering from mental illness and he felt threatened, it wouldn't necessarily be wrong to contact law enforcement, but I also feel you would deserve something more than being called a loon and publicly shamed. Not engaging with you and feeding into the situation would make more sense. David Letterman expressed genuine sympathy towards the woman who stalked him, recognizing that she was suffering from mental illness. He made jokes but didn't go out of his way to provoke or insult her.

To be sure, I'm not against him or have any bias, just an animation fan who follows these blogs from a distance. I feel like you, Elana, are a person in a tight spot and a hard situation, and I feel a genuine empathy for you that I hope does not come across as condescending. From one human being to another, I know what it is like to have these dark moments in your life, and if nothing else I would want to offer you some feeling that you are not suffering unnoticed. I know these are just words from an anonymous person on the internet who is not able to actually be there for you, but I mean it with great sincerity and I hope it comes across. I truly hope this situation does not discourage you from living and doing. It feels wrong to me to kick a person who is already down, so in some small way I would rather encourage you. To the extent possible, distance yourself from the negative influences. The best revenge is to succeed.

Jimmy Sodapop said...

Elana, I believe that there is some truth to what you say. John's failed Kickstarter project supports your case. Here is a quote from the comments section that seems to sum it up: "John took everyone's money to produce a pilot for a pitch to a show that he has not finished because no one will invest in him or his product. All the money for rewards are unaccounted for." I feel sympathy for you as well, but you must realize that when you make comments about John leaving secret messages in the drawings that he posts, it does make you look a little crazy, even if it might actually be true; But our mind can play tricks on us when we get caught up in emotional situations. In any case, I drew this cartoon for you, and I hope it brightens your day. http://jimmysodapop.blogspot.com/
Please don't stop drawing! I think that you are a talented artist and the best is yet to come. I wish you all the best, Jimmy.

Walter Taylor said...

well, since you asked ...

i have been following john k. since the ren and stimpy days. i think he is an interesting and talented character, but not very nice. even assuming everything is exactly as he says it is, he is a real bastard for publicly referring to you as 'a loon.' he has all the power in the relationship. it would cost him basically nothing to be civil towards you. yet he has deemed that too high a price to pay.

on the other hand, even if everything is exactly as YOU say it is, you are not behaving in your own best interests.

here is something i had to learn the hard way in life: it is not enough to be right. you also have to be focusing on the right questions. the proper question is not "did john k. behave badly towards her?" rather, it is "what can elena do to move past this, get on with her life, and forget him?

i don't know you at all, but you strike me as a very sympathetic character. my heart goes out to you. i hope you can do exactly that: move past this, get on with your life, and forget him.

nothingman said...

I think your a passionate person who is looking for direction. One night you saw the moon it was beautiful then on that same night you saw Microscopic Moon Like Objects and that was really beautiful.
You took this is a sign and you found your new direction.
Or so you thought, You found out the moon isn't all it's cracked up to be. Not all that glitters is gold.
Still you were willing to forgive all the cracks, because to You it was meant to be. Unfortunately the man behind the moon and microbes didn't know how to handle a passionate viable person such as yourself.
Things seemed to of gotten out of hand for you. I believe you meant well, got your hopes up, possibly read into things way to much, and got in over your head.
The wonderful thing is that on your way to the moon, you learned a lot of things. Some good some bad. Your desire to be apart of the moon has awakened a talent within you. Not to forget to mention you got to work with legendary microbes that orbit this moon.
Take what you learned from this journey you had, And come back down to Earth and become a successful Elana Pritchard. In your pursuit you put yourself together a decent portfolio. Also you seem to have a good internet presence and some followers. Don't taint it. You don't need the man on the moon, Earths calling for you to shine on your own.

Elana Pritchard said...

Thanks everyone for your input. I just wanted to get an idea of who is here for the art and who is here for the drama.

I wish people cared more about the art...

nothingman said...

Well you didn't post a question about your art.
You specifically asked about the "drama"
So if you would drop the drama then this blog will be about the art as it should be. Close this John chapter and become the art.
So what is this creature you drew? Is it a twisted raccoon with no tail who has mischievous thoughts?

basket.bread said...

I would not be in any of these areas of the internet if not for art. I don't care about drama, I care about not wanting to see a talented artist marginalized. Behind art is a human being. Good luck to you.

JTW said...

always keep drawing yo. No matter what anybody says